What are the most important factors of the bride when selecting a ring?

Maybe you have popped the question and are shopping together or maybe you are ready to ask her those four magic words. One thing that is for certain is that that ring needs to be just perfect for her. There are so many choices these days with the crafting of rings that it is very easy to get tangled in the web and get lost within the depths of jewellers, which could actually turn your most important jewellery purchase into a living breathing nightmare.

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Do you go for Princess, Round, Marquise or Heart cuts? 56% of brides are more concerned with the actual cut of the diamond rather than the clarity of it, which leaves you in a little bit of a dilemma. What is best? There are no right or wrong answers to this and it all depends entirely on what is ultimately a personal choice. Some women like the simple round shape, whereas others will like a more contemporary marquise cut. It isn’t a competition but ultimately it should be a factor that is considered carefully.

So what about the cut? 26% of brides-to-be said that it is the cut that determines their perfect diamond choice. Contrary to popular belief, cut and shape are not the same thing. The cut of a diamond is determined by how well that little gem sparkles in the light. A well cut diamond will reflect light off of it, bouncing it around like a spring, giving it that superb sparkle and shine, whereas as a poorly cut stone will absorb the light and will look dull and uninviting. It is the cut that gives the diamond its value, as opposed to the shape and forms part of the 4 crucial C’s in diamond evaluation. For more information on diamonds please check Houston jewellers Whiteflash.

Size…. Now remember, bigger is not always better, especially if the intended finger is slim and elegant. It is one thing having a diamond that is so large that it could sink you right down to the bottom of the ocean but it is a whole different ball game when you have to wear it every day. What will a big diamond add to the personality of the ring or will it just sit there all big and sparkling saying ‘Look at me’? In fact only 13% of brides are concerned with the size of the diamond. If money is an issue remember that a half carat diamond will cost approximately a quarter of the price of a full carat.

So now we have colour. In days gone by it was much easier with colour. There was just 1 colour, with variations on it dependant on its quality. However in the modern day you’ll find a whole host of colours to choose from. Green, red, black or pink? Again it goes back to personal preference, just like the shape of the diamond. Only 5% of brides were actually concerned about the colour of the stone, leaving us thinking that perhaps the traditional colourless stone is still the way forward.

So whether you are looking for the 4 C’s, the shape or the colour, one thing is for sure, choose it wisely. You can’t go back on your decision once you have it on your finger.

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